Walk and Talk


To meet fleet owners or fleet managers within 250 miles of Frederick, Maryland to discuss tire issues. Long distance circumstances could be discussed.

Factors to consider:

Where are you getting your advice? From the tire dealer or the tire manufacturer? You can be certain these sources are very informed about tires and applications. Some however are only looking after their own best interests.

Are you getting the right tire for the application or, what the tire dealer has in stock?

Do you really know your cost of ownership vs. your acquisition cost?

Is your retread program really up to par?

Just how many repairs should you be paying for?

What extra services aren't you getting that are included with the tire purchase? If you don't ask you will not get them!

What can be done?

That's the purpose of the "Walk and Talk" Program

We can walk your fleet and discuss any and all issues - just asking honest questions and getting honest answers.

If I don't know the answers I'll get them. I have many resources.

I will not show up at your business with all kinds of fancy tire tracking programs - just a pencil and a notebook. I have a couple of custom spread sheets to evaluate tire performance. I can tell you "after testing" which tires perform the best.

Tire installed right, duals matched up, tread designs appropriate?

I can review your tire purchase invoices. Are they accurate?

What is your initial cost?


But, if you like what you hear you can retain my services for as low as $100.00 per month. Realistically, it will be more than that if you have a sizable fleet. But, it's up to you. Nothing is too big or too small. Maybe you just need your tire invoices perused every month. Thus, "Walk and Talk"!

Carl Koester - President
TAF Management, Inc
Tire and Fleet Management Solutions